The site address will appear on business cards and advertising. It will enter in the address bar. It is desirable that the name was short and easy to remember, so that you can dictate over the phone and record at the hearing. Compare which of the domains of the Latvian bank Aizkraukles easier to remember – or

There are names like Possibly, this can be done unusual advertising, but as the primary address is better to use a symbolic name 6-8.

Easily and clearly pronounced

Avoid names that can be recorded at the hearing in different ways. For example, the letter “g” may be referred to as «zh», and «j». In an extreme case, register a few options.


If you are lucky, and in your area is not occupied domain name with a word or phrase related to your product or service, feel free to register it.,,, – the owners of these sites had to take a good name, or bought them for big money.

You can use the console. For example, onlineshop, myshop, shopsite, theshop, allshop, bestshop. This method must be used with caution. If the names of your competitors’ sites similar to each other, the potential customers simply do not remember where they found the information you need – on siteshop or shopbestsite.


The use of the name of the site of geographical indications possible if you do not plan to go beyond this region. Site called will be difficult to win the Metropolitan audience.


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